Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji

JET Founder


Sri Sri Sri Tridandi Chinna Srimannarayana Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji belongs to a highly esteemed line of monks of the followers of Sri Ramanujacharya, called Jeeyars.Ever cheerful, ceaselessly active, unmindful of His bodily comforts but always concerned about others welfare, Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji radiates hope and joy where ever He goes. HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, India's enlightened spiritual and humanitarian leader, incessantly strives hard to promote world peace and harmony through propagation of Vedic wisdom, spiritual practices, religious tolerance, non-violence, joy of sharing, and mutual respect for all living beings.


Chinna Jeeyar's vision is to empower the impoverished communities across the world to have equal access and opportunities to quality education, healthcare, and self-confidence to live a life filled with dignity and pride.

To promote harmony and peace following two principles :


An Acharya is the one who practices first, and then preaches. Sri Swamiji exemplifies this. He is a saint with deep intellectual and spiritual sensitivity, an embodiment of rare virtues. He is an epitome of boundless love for all beings. All His activities show His deep concern and compassion for the society which to a large degree lacks real spiritual dimension.

Any devotee can observe excellence in all aspects of His living. Right from Swamiji's pristine appearance, His refined way of speech, the affection with which Swamiji addresses people in general, the lucidity and potency in His speech that can uproot ignorance in the receptive, all of this can be conspicuously observed and learnt from.

At the same time, He is the embodiment of detachment and renunciation. He is beyond any influence of the material world and its qualities, " gunas ". His presence permeates a strange feeling of divine happiness and peace in everyone around.

Swamiji wants to inculcate in our people, young and old, awareness of our heritage. He is always on the move most of the time meeting people and listening to their worldly and spiritual problems. Devotees get relief by just looking at His radiant, ever smiling face. His compassionate look cleanses our mind and raises our consciousness from the mundane to the divine. Blessed are those who have come under the influence of the revered Swamiji.


Within India, in 1983 Swamiji has established a Vedic University. He has conducted innumerable Vedic rituals, yajnas and homams for humanity's prosperity and welfare. He has enlisted youngsters to propagate the message of Sri Ramanuja and has given discourses on a variety of subjects.


In the time of great terror and turbulence in north western parts of India, HH held a walk-a-thon with Vedic chants which restored a peaceful ambience. He emphasized the efficacy of chanting God's names and made people recite the Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namams. In Vizag, Vijayawada, Guntur etc., millions of people live on the great morals spread and strengthened by His Holiness.


Free general health medical camps, women cancer screening camps, dental camps, blood donation camps are conducted all over the world.


In India, where the notion of Human Organ donation is considered a social stigma, HH Swamiji actively promotes multiorgan donation campaign and enlisted more than 50,000 pledges


In the current world, the geopolitical harmony is in a state of flux, where people live amidst multitude of challenges including fear of war, political strife, poverty, global warming, endangered environment, depleting natural resources, and religious fundamentalism. HH Swamiji incessantly works to promote world peace and harmony through propagation of yoga, meditation, spiritual and ancient wisdom. These enable human body, mind, and soul to develop tolerance, joy of sharing, non-violence, attitude of gratitude towards environment, and mutual respect for all living beings.


HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji is also a pioneer in the animal welfare arena and frequently conducts free veterinary camps along with animal preservation camps.


When southern parts of India were drought stricken, HH applied ancient Vedic techniques for rains. Hundreds of thousands of youth inspired by His motivation work round the clock in serving the humanity in every way possible. In earthquake, flood, cyclone and Tsunami affected areas, thousands of young volunteers under the guidance of HH are the first to help and render unparalleled services which are often acknowledged with awe and reverence by government and NGOs.


Under His auspicious guidance free health services, free food services, cancer awareness activities and services for environmental protection are conducted successfully across the globe.


Under the guidance of His Holiness, first ever Junior College and Degree Colleges were opened for the blind in India where children write their board exams on laptops without the help of a scribe. Sri Swamiji established schools for the tribals in remote areas and fishermen community. HH provides free Vedic and Vedantha education in various asrams. Education, clothing, boarding, lodging, supplies are all provided free of cost to all the students. By HH's blessings and efforts, all the students excel in academics and extra-curricular activities.


To explain clearly the tenets of Universal Vedic Tradition, He took the bold step to travel abroad. HH never deviated from the practices of a Tridandi sanyasi during His travels worldwide.HH educated the spiritual seekers elucidating the practices and underlying meanings of traditional vedic customs. HH has touched the hearts of many with his enlightening simple speeches transforming their lives towards peace and prosperity. HH has engaged seekers in serving the society through His illimitable compassion towards the suffering beings. Many take initiation and guidance from Swamiji on how to meditate for inner peace and happiness.HH established JET, Vikasa Tarangini and sister organizations to conduct social and spiritual activities.


HH Jeeyar Swamiji during his 35 years as a Jeeyar, head of the organization, has inspired millions of youth all over the world to learn the art of service. HH educated communities to live in harmony with the environment. With ' Prajna ', an early educational and development program for children, HH is building a stronger future.

HH discourses are profound and He incorporates examples from all subjects and walks of life enabling common man to relate even the toughest and complex Vedic principles. HH gives the quintessence of all complex, topics beyond comprehension providing it on a silver platter for any seeker to incorporate easily in one's lives. There is rarely a person who is not swayed by the simplicity of the language and enthralled by the beauty of His diction.

From five in the morning till midnight or even later, Swamiji is busy spreading the message of Vedas, Upanishads and messages of great seers tirelessly. He never says ' no ' to people who want to see Him even at midnight. He is unmindful when it comes to attending to His needs but very active in attending to others ' sufferings.

For the inquisitive, He is an unparalleled spiritual teacher;
For the intellectuals, He is an erudite scholar and philosopher;
For the suffering parts of the world, he is an ambassador of peace;
For the grief stricken, He is an ever-helping inspiring leader, eloquent speaker, a reservoir of divine qualities;
And a uniquely distinguished representative of world's most ancient but ever fresh Vedic knowledge and practices.

Living without being with Swamiji is living without knowing what it " means " to live or to love. The entire fortune of humanity is elevated in the existence of such a single personality on Earth. His mere presence appears to eradicate the hardships of the suffering humanity.